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Tour leader

In Italy and abroad – confident in French and English

I work as a tour guide and tour leader in Italy and abroad for individuals and groups

I work as a tour guide and tour leader in Italy and abroad for individuals and groups

Working as a Tour Leader means efficiently managing a tour in all its sides. This implies the coordination of on site activities, to provide practical advice and tourist informationas, grant comfort and safety conditions to each traveller with the aim of ensuring an authentic and memorable experience.

It is also crucial to be well-prepared for the issues and crises that sometimes arise on tour, and cope with them resourcefully and efficiently.

The skills needed are really many and it is not entirely wrong to compare the tour leader to a ‘super hero’. For me tour leading is a fascinating profession as it combines study, hard work, ability to improvise and sharing enthousiasm. Getting to new destinations is absolutely gratifying, as well as interacting with travellers.

The ability to create a positive atmosphere and to relate to others effectively is a key skill for a successful tour and experience is certainly the most important resource for improving and enhancing my professionalism.

For me, empathy and being open are key, especially in this job. And smiles never fail with me!

Tour Leading

Here are some of the Tour Leading services I offer. Contact me for more details.

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