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Tour Leader – ingoing and outgoing visitors
Guided tours groups and individuals, exploring the hidden gems in the Veneto region

About me

Tour guide and tour leader – confident in French and English

Daniela Casa

romantic, resourceful and inquiring, travel lover and curator of experiences

My style of tour guiding

My surroundings captivate me with their beauty, and I enjoy talking about them. Welcome to my world!

My name is Daniela and I love my work as a tour guide and leader. At heart, I am an explorer. And by nature, I relish the chance to reveal the details about places, culture and their connections to let you marvel at the discoveries you make during your tour. Ready to get started?


Made-to-measure experiences

I offer tour guide and leader services for individuals, companies, associations, self-organised groups, travel agencies and tour operators.

And I am a member of two professional tour guide associations, Treviso Tours and the Scoletta delle Guide – GoGuide. They are active in the guided tours and tour leading sector.

I also work in partnership with NCC operators, skillful artisans, sommeliers, artists, wine and gourmet food producers, accredited sign language interpreters and other professionals who ensure quality values as well as my personalised, exclusive service approach.

What my clients say about me

For me, empathy and connections with people are key


Daniela è stata la nostra guida durante una gita scolastica a Verona. Persona squisita, sorridente e molto disponibile. Rimarrà per sempre nei nostri cuori. Ciao Daniela !


Daniela had so much incredible information about a town I didn’t expect to love so much! She deepened our appreciation of this tiny Veneto town.


Daniela is a wonderful tour guide! She is knowledgeable, very warm and friendly, and was amazing dealing with an emergency health situation with my friend while on tour in Italy. I would highly recommend her without hesitation!


Daniela was a wonderful tour guide! There were 116 people on our tour, with two guides. Daniela was on our bus. She is knowledgeable about the read we were in and she knew of where to go for a great lunch or dinner! I have been on three tours with a group and Daniela was the best guide by far!


Daniela is a real pro – full of knowledge and insight into her country. She also provided great tips about what to see and what to avoid (Limoncello in a bottle 🤣), practical suggestions about what to wear, being safe, drinking enough water etc. But the best thing about Daniela is her loving warmth and spirit! I now consider her my lifelong friend and sincerely hope to see her again.


Daniela è una guida esperta e preparata. Grazie a lei ho scoperto una Venezia inedita, al di fuori dei soliti circuiti turistici ( Sant’Erasmo e Vignole). Ho apprezzato la sua spontaneità e simpatia e i suoi preziosi consigli sono stati utilissimi. Consigliatissima per chi come me ama scoprire angoli suggestivi e nascosti.

Winston Haythe

Your presentation was extraordinarily well-organized and captivating. You made your city “come alive.” I’m ready to pack my bags immediately and be on the next flight—as soon as travel is safe again—to attend one of your city tours in person.

Review of my live via WISITS on Vicenza

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