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I offer tourist services providing both individual and group guided tours in the Veneto Region

I offer tourist services providing both individual and group guided tours in the Veneto Region

I love meeting travellers looking for authentic travel experiences and I love exploring together the beautiful cities of art like Vicenza, Verona and Padua, or the elegance of the Palladian villas spread across the land of Venice, where I was born.

Yet such renowned attractions are only one part of the many places that cannot be missed; in fact I love the genuine hidden charm of little villages, absolutely worth seeing. These are true gems to be discovered.

Often little known, they may be surprisingly owe-inspiring helping to make the most of the tour. Whenever possible, I like to delight my clients with little “off-plans” aiming to turn their travel into a truly engaging and memorable experience.

Guided tours

Here are some guided tours I propose. Contact me for more details.

Welcome to Vicenza – city of palaces and stage sets

Vicenza’s historic centre offers a wealth of architectural heritage, so much so, that it is known as the “city of palaces” as well as being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The best known are those designed by Andrea Palladio, the undisputed master of the Renaissance renovation of the city. The Olympic Theatre, the Palladian Basilica overlooking the elegant square, Piazza dei Signori, along with the city’s palaces, Palazzo Thiene and Palazzo Chiericati, are just a few of the architect’s most admired masterpieces.

Vicenza has all this and much more besides. Historically renowned for the art of goldsmithing, the city is now famous for its international gold show. It is also known for its gourmet specialities, such as the celebrated baccalà, a gourmet delight that combines the flavours of the sea with adventurous voyages.

This tour is designed for people who want a one-on-one experience with a host of stunning Vicenza’s sights.

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Palladian villas – a journey through architecture, purpose and beauty

Palladian villas are part of the system of Venetian villas – mansions built by Veneto nobility in the mainland of the Venetian Republic.

There are about four thousand such villas spread across the Veneto region, with Andrea Palladio’s designs making up a priceless legacy, from Villa la Rotonda and Villa Godi, Villa Caldogno and Villa Barbaro, Villa Emo and Villa Pisani and to Villa Foscari, known as La Malcontenta. These are just a few of the most important buildings designed by the master architect all listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

The Palladian villas were designed as residences set in the hills or in the heart of the countryside. This is where the nobility of the time would flaunt their wealth, by investing in their property and enjoying the comfort of these grand, majestic and exquisite retreats for their daily lives.

Entering this world means retracing the evolution of the ideal manor house, as had already been established in the fifteenth century. Understanding the groundbreaking contribution Andrea Palladio brought to villa life is key as it combined a sense of harmony to the villa’s purpose and aesthetic beauty.

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Made in the Middle Ages – castles of the Veneto

When you visit the Veneto for the first time, you really must see its walled cities. These were medieval stage sets for illustrious battles and fascinating figures, crucial to the region’s history.

Some towns built walls and fortifications to protect themselves from sieges, as they were strategically located or had flourishing economies. Others experienced glorious and bellicose histories as fiefdoms of lords keen to maintain their sovereignty and preserve their realms.

These are places of ancient rhythms and scenes of bygone eras, inviting us to observe the signs and symbols left behind in towers, walls and castles. Icons set in the Veneto landscape.

Ready to discover more? Take a look at my tours focusing on the magical ambiance of Medieval Veneto – Made in the Middle Ages!

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Treviso – gioiosa et amorosa

Known as the “marca gioiosa et amorosa”, an antiquated name for the province, Treviso is one of my favourite places in the Veneto because it reflects the ideal city with its slow, harmonious lifestyle. Treviso’s waterways intermingle with a relaxed ambiance in the elegant and welcoming, historic centre, offering stunningly romantic views.

After just a short walk, you’ll feel right at home in the peaceful narrow streets lined with ancient buttresses or sheltered by the Medieval porticoes decorated with multicoloured frescoes. These are some of the best-preserved examples of the typically Veneto tradition of urbs picta, or painted city.

I’d like to take you on this tour to show you the most iconic places in the city, such as the main city’s square, Piazza dei Signori, the captivating Loggia dei Cavalieri (Lodge of the Knights), the church of San Nicolò, full of artistic expressions, the Cathedral and not least the picturesque buranelli canals. And that’s not all! Treviso is also a great place for culinary treats. You to choose to enjoy a glass of aromatic Prosecco or the best tiramisù made in Treviso.

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The Veneto and Villa lifestyle

The Villas of the Veneto are an architectural and cultural heritage that is characteristic of the Veneto region. They offer visitors an unforgettable experience where history, art and legend fuse with unique landscapes.

Villas were not only the centre of agricultural life, but they also provided a space for intellectual debate and entertainment. Ultimately, they became sumptuous residences for holidays, reflecting the power and wealth of their noble families.

The Veneto villas tours reveal the captivating world of villa life – rich in decorative splendour and art, ancient parklands and fascinating curiosities. They combine in narrating the charm of the civilisation of Venetian villas, which significantly altered the Veneto countryside.

You can begin with the magical villas along the Riviera del Brenta, following in the footsteps of the noble Venetians, attracted by the beauty of the landscape and its picturesque mansions. Or you can explore the whole of villa life – government, communities and domestic life, the arts and its heritage – with a tour of the villas designed by one leading architect or artist of the period. For this option, I recommend coming with me on a tour of the most beautiful villas by Andrea Palladio. Alternatively, we can take a trip through the sophisticated ambiance of the noble mansions decorated with frescoes by the great Giambattista Tiepolo, a leading light of Venetian painting in the eighteenth century.

If you are interested but don’t know where to start, drop me a note and I’ll suggest some itineraries to best suit your interests, curiosity and available time.

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Venice and its islands

Venice is not just the historic centre surrounding the famous Canal Grande – its lagoon islands make up a significant proportion. These satellite islands make life in Venice less chaotic and more authentic. A place where busy Venetians go about their daily lives.

This tour focusses on the features, myths and legends of Murano and Burano, whose fame is connected to the two artisan traditions that have now become art forms – glass blowing for the first and lacemaking for the second.

The island of Murano, known as the “island of fire”, is easy to get to from Venice. If you haven’t been to Murano before, I’ll take you on a walk to make the most of the time you have to calmly visit this charming island.

The vibrantly coloured island of Burano is further away but it is so picturesque, making the short crossing the perfect time to tune into the distinctive colours and sounds of the lagoon. By the time we reach the island, we will be completely immersed!

The other Venetian island worth a visit is the Lido di Venezia. A favourite holiday resort for intellectuals and the nobility in the early twentieth century, where you can still see echoes of this glorious past.

How do you feel about visiting it by bike? A slow cycle tour to admire the Art Nouveau villas, typical canals, the colours of Malamocco village and the sand dunes just a few short steps from the sea.

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Industrial archaeology, old factories, working-class neighbourhoods and corporate museums

Next to art, industrial heritage has now become an area of interest for tourists. Themed routes and museum networks have been created in Italy with regional promotion systems linking into this important resource. And the Veneto certainly has plenty to talk about in terms of its enterprise culture by investigating its historic and more recent heritage.

A different yet absorbing way to discover the close connections between old and new ways of production, manufacturing, know-how and the local identity.

Following an unthemed, regional route, the tour I offer is focused on the nineteenth-century Veneto where some of the first Italian industrial businesses were founded. The Industrial Revolution started early in the north of the region around Vicenza, in the foothills of the Alps. Especially in Schio, which was nicknamed the “Manchester of Italy” with good reason.

This historic centre for wool was literally revolutionised by great avant-garde entrepreneurs. Primarily Alessandro Rossi, who turned an ancient town in the valley into an industrial city centred around his wool factory, Lanerossi, following the European model. And Schio’s Fabbrica Alta, also established by Alessandro Rossi, today has become its undisputed monument.

My tour covers a network of heritage sites that combine woollen mills, workers’ villages, hydraulic works as well as factories of various sizes. Designed to let you improve your knowledge of some of the aspects that characterise the uniqueness of our country and explore little-known, unexpected places that will amaze you.

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Padua, the sister city

“Venezia la bella e Padova sua sorella” – meaning “Venice the beautiful and Padua her sister” goes the popular saying. And if we think about it, there’s a good deal of truth in these words. Decidedly one of the most dynamic of the Veneto cities, Padua is in a constant state of change, suspended between the ancient and the modern.

Home to one of the oldest universities, it is now on the list of top European city for higher education. Padua maintains close connections with its remarkable ancient history, dating back to its Trojan founder, Antenor.

Alongside mythical figures, we should not forget the Santo, as the people of Padua call Saint Anthony, with the age-old basilica dedicated to the Saint having become a place of pilgrimage since his canonisation.

My itinerary is designed to let you discover the landmarks of Padua, known as the “city of the 3 withouts” (città dei tre senza), meaning a café without doors (il caffè senza porte), a lawn without grass (il prato senza erba) and the Saint without a name (il santo senza nome).

We can start with the vibrant squares around Palazzo della Ragione, a stunning building known as the Salone. Here the city is still brought to life with its characteristic markets on Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza della Frutta, unmissable for a spot of shopping or socialising. The city’s two spirits –the ancient and the modern – are the real backdrop for the other locations I have selected to explore with you.

If you’re looking for a place to embellish your memory book, you can definitely include my tour of Padua.

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Flavours of the Veneto – wines and spirits, gourmet delights and sweets

Besides natural and artistic wonders, the Veneto is a land of gourmet food and wine tradition.

From the Dolomites to the coast and from Lake Garda to the hills, there are so many options when it comes to culinary routes. Come and enjoy internationally acclaimed wine production, delicious seasonal vegetables, such as red radicchio, white asparagus, leafy broccoli fiolaro and exquisite local delicacies.

Knowing that food culture best demonstrates the essence or the spirit of a region, I have looked to discover the origins, values and expression in the rich and varied Veneto heritage. I have made connections with producers whose dedication and passion are the very hallmarks that underpin the food and drink we enjoy.

The route has been designed to include welcoming places that are rich in culture, conviviality and welcoming friendship to offer you a sensory experience for your “gourmet side”.

We can follow one of the wine routes and stop off to taste some typical wines, such as Prosecco, Durello or Soave – or even some of the delectable red wines from Valpolicella as we visit the vineyards and cellars.

Alternatively, we can spend a relaxing day between Lake Garda’s shores and hills by enjoying a mini cruise, tasting some local produce and taking a romantic early evening walk for an aperitivo in Verona.

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