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About me

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”

My name is Daniela Casa, and I am a tour guide and tour leader confident in English and French

Mi chiamo Daniela Casa, sono guida turistica e tour leader con abilitazione in lingua inglese e francese

I have worked in the tourism sector since 2004, but I have always travelled to explore new places.

An inquiring explorer since childhood, I began travelling and getting to know new destinations from an early age. Over time, I turned this passion into a fully-fledged career.

The interweaving of my love for the regionits culture and its connections have led me on a journey – a journey of discovery and narratives, of encounters and experiences as well as history.

In my heart, I carry with me and talk with such pride about the history of my country, Italy – the wondrous meeting point of such diverse cultures and landscapes – as well as the magical region where I live, the VenetoVicenza is the city where I have developed my career. An iconic location that never ceases to amaze and enthral me.

Proud of the historical and artistic treasures that surround me, I love to share the essence and culture of the Veneto in my tours, pausing at the breathtaking Veneto villas and at the extraordinary, age-old history of Venice.

I like to include my sociable and inquiring character in my tours. But I’m always keen to learn something new and explore, to discover new places, people and stories to share with visitors who choose to experience travelling with me.

Always mindful of my travelling companions’ needs, I enjoy designing tailor-made itineraries and to add wherever possible something “unplanned”. This gives my clients a unique experience different from the simple organised tour, and actively engaging them in the spirit and culture of each location.

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