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“Travelling is what I really love”

I have been a passionate traveller since I was a young girl. At first it was like playing a game, but as I grew up I realized that I could turn my passion into a profession. Since then I have been taking tourists from all over the world around Italy’s places of art or revealing to them little, unknown destinations full of history and charm. I have also toured over Europe, being constantly keen to highlight the amazing cultural heritage of this Continent. I like thinking of myself as a curious and outgoing person and this helps me enjoy my job, having to stretch out to achieve higher standards all the time. I enjoy very much my job particularly when I tour manage music groups such as choirs, jazz and big bands, symphony orchestras, as the experiences we share are always unique and professionally very rewarding. On top of that I can organize music join concerts featuring choirs coming from foreign countries. When I am not travelling, I act as official city guide taking tourists on a sighseeing tour of Vicenza, the town of Architect Andrea Palladio, listed on the World Heritage by UNESCO, the historic villas of the Veneto Region, the I World War sites on Vicenza’s Prealps. I often like to suggest themed or tailored-made tours where tourists may enjoy an amazing mixture of Culture, Art, Tastes of the land and natural highlights as well as “the spirit of the locals ” that is the essence of their way of living : an experience not to be missed!


Tour Guide

 (with English language qualification)
Guided tours to discover Vicenza, included in Unesco’s World Heritage List, its surrounding province, the historic villas of Veneto, including:
– Palladian architecture of Vicenza.
– Roman and Medioeval Vicenza.
– Industrial archaeology.
– The Brenta Riviera – the Villa veneta civilisation.
– The First World War – thematic itineraries.
– Walled cities – Bassano del Grappa and Marostica.
– Tastes of Vicenza.
– Tailored-made itineraries by arrangements.

Tour Leader

(with French and English language qualification)
Available for incoming and outgoing tours including:
– Musical groups and choirs touring Italy and abroad.
– Cultural tour groups in Italy and abroad.
– Outlet shopping consultancy.
– Food and wine itineraries.
– Sailing tours of the Venetian Laguna.
– Assistance for business affairs.
– – Tailored-made itineraries by arrangements.


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